Civil Procedure in the Circuit Court

Civil Procedure in the Circuit Court

Civil Procedure in the Circuit Court, 2e


Authors Karl Dowling & Karen McDonnell



Price: €265

Pub Date: December 2013

ISBN: 9781858007182


Format: Hardback Cloth & Foil

Jurisdiction:  Ireland

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Legal practitioners (Ireland)

Practical use for preparing submissions


Anyone who practices in the Circuit Court

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Includes in-depth analysis of the day-to-day activities dealt with by the Circuit Court, including; Intoxicating Liquor Licenses, Probate Actions, Landlord & Tenant, Planning, Employment and Family Law Proceedings.


Amid the hustle and bustle of the Circuit Court you need to make sure you know the correct practice and procedure at any given moment.

Helps you fully understand the role of the County Registrar.


This brand new edition of Civil Procedure in the Circuit Court provides the practitioner with a comprehensive and definitive analysis of civil practice and procedure in this Court.

Saves you time as for the first time you have concise interpretation of the Rules applicable in the Circuit Court.


It is an extensive commentary of the Circuit Court Rules, referring to reported and unreported decisions of the courts, legislation and practice directions.

Handy format that is ideal to bring to Court with you – making sure you always have the civil practice and procedure information at your fingertips.



  • Jurisdiction
  • County Registrar
  • Commencement of Proceedings
  • Personal Injuries Actions
  • Service
  • Appearance
  • Pleadings
  • Parties
  • Third Party Procedure
  • Joinder and Transfer of Actions
  • Discovery, Interrogatories and Inspection

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